If I were to give a definition of passion, I would divide it into two parts. The first part would refer to passion as the activity that allows us to enter the flow of life under the umbrella of happiness and utility. And the sequel would contain a carousel of emotions from which to choose consciously depending on the moment in which we exercise the passion.

It is said that by repeating what you don't like you get what you like. I am the person who chooses the path of introspection, connecting with nature with the people around me and the activities that make the heart jump. I don't like to torture myself by doing things that don't do me any good. I STOP when it is not beneficial for me and I have no remorse that it would be selfish. I start from the premise that I can choose at any time. It is important to choose wisely.

I believe in our place in the Universe, each of its unique place as it deserves. It's up to us when and how we find him.

I'm right. It is difficult to find your passion in a world full of stimuli, rules imposed by others, limiting beliefs, problems taken from generation to generation.

If I had to choose a constant activity in a person's life, it would be to stimulate creativity. We need imagination, the arts and creativity to identify our talents.

I do not offer you an art and creativity course but I return you to yourself, to the people around you, the world around you. I have selected 5 questions (well they are if you count them by the question mark) that will shake you and I hope to give you a series of guidelines so that you can work with what you like using your talent.

Prepared? A sheet of paper and a pencil. Breathe deeply. Breathe slowly… Breathe slowly. Let's START!

1. Do you know people who shine around you who do activities that their heart does not enjoy? Are you one of them?

2. What makes you wake up in the morning? What motivates you?

3. Make a ranking with activities that you loved in the first 7 years of life. I'm sure you remember. What would be in the first place? How can you make him a leading place in your life?

4. What have you always wanted to do, but have you never dared to do?

5. Can you count on yourself? Why yes?

Two years ago I answered Question 4: to have my own show to inspire, to bring information for a simple and balanced life. I continued with Question 5: YES I can count on myself because I am organized, I have skills in this direction, I want to get out of the comfort zone, I can contribute my talent to the world around me and I undertake to do the activity that- I like my passion.

What happened next? I put it into practice and created two projects, live shows: Parents at PutereaQ with Dana Predu and Simplu.