If you are looking for perfect recipes to train your mind so that you get the state of presence, I guide you to accept your emotions, to choose the thoughts that are beneficial for you, to have your moment of peace every day, to allow the things you want happen. It's all about constant practice, the things you do and say to yourself every day.

Whether it's daily meditation, a mindfulness technique, constantly repeating positive phrases, or a simple conscious breathing exercise, it's important to take the time to listen to yourself and return to the present moment where LIFE actually happens. .

Positive thinking has a positive impact on mental and physical health. Make sure that the inner dialogues are positive, increase your energy dose and fuel your well-being. What comes next? Choose the right words and phrases for you. Practice and make sure you say these things to yourself every day. Anders Ericsson, psychologist and co-author of Peak: Secrets of Top Performance and the New Science of Expertise, argues that Homo sapiens (the man who knows) should be called Homo exercens (man who practices), because man is the only species aware that by exercise can improve things.

Choose constant practice!

Inner dialogue is important and can stimulate you to move forward and act according to your own values ​​or on the contrary, it can pull you down. Here are 9 phrases that I suggest you to repeat constantly, to say daily.

1. Thanks for today

Gratitude is a mindfulness technique with multiple benefits. I have been practicing it and have been using it constantly for several years. I also integrated it in my girls' lives so that we don't end the day without mentioning at least 3 things for which we are grateful.

I also told in other articles that my day starts with THANK YOU for a new day, thank you for life, for a new chance.

Tell yourself every day that you are happy for life: Thank you for today.

2. Help me to help

In one day, a lot of things can happen that directly impact the lives of other people around you. Even if you just smile or compliment several people in one day, you make a positive difference in the world. You can help with a smile. You can be the right person in the right place.

3. Today will be a wonderful day

Starting the day with a positive outlook is like starting on the right track. You already have a step forward. When complicated situations arise - and they happen - you will be better prepared to move on in a positive mood and look at the full side of the glass.

4. I do everything I can

I set out to discuss perfection in another article, but I want you to remember that perfection is not an option, but to do your best. So go ahead and do what you have to do.

5. I am able to achieve my goals

Setting goals is a key to success. Set the intention to make the best decision possible and it is the best thing you can do for yourself now. No matter what success means to you, it is essential to remember that you can achieve your goals.

6. My past does not define me
Have you made mistakes in your life? So do we. The past remains with the past and cannot be changed. Where you can work is in the PRESENT to enjoy a bright FUTURE. Go ahead. Don't stay in the past. Stay in the present, stay mindful (aware of what is in the here and now).

7. Money comes to me according to the laws of the Universe

We also need money to create everything we want around us. Money is tied to our level of comfort. Money is energy. The best and safest source is to use your skills and knowledge to turn them into money.

8. Things are not always as they appear

Social networks have created a perfect world, we have all created a perfect world in the online environment. You may be fooled into thinking that those you know bought a bigger house, a new car, had an excellent vacation with just one click, with zero effort. It is simply not true. Remember that things are not always as they appear and that comparing yourself to other people is toxic to your life.
9. I am love and I am loved

Can we accept ourselves as we are? The right gift we can give ourselves and those around us today is ACCEPTANCE and LOVE. Sometimes it's hard to convince yourself of that, but it's absolutely true. Someone loves you sincerely.
One mindfulness practice I use is the "Love for Me and Those Around Me" Technique which is part of the series of mindfulness meditations included in the "Mindfulness in Your Life" program. You can find it here.


I believe that if you have a positive mindset, then your body will follow you. It is important to surround ourselves with positive people, positive energy and positive messages. If you want to enjoy well-being, positive inner dialogue can help you. Practice and use the sentences listed above. Write down in your journal what you have observed or learned from constant practice.

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He lives in the present. Create your success. Be grateful.

Thank you and I hug you dearly,

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