About COURAGE - The minute of mindfulness

I go on with the series of short articles from the #minutuldemindfulness program that you can read in a minute. We also talked about FORGIVENESS here.

You will also find some of the texts in the Minute of Mindfulness launched last year in Bucharest, which you can order here.

How much courage do you need to listen to your thoughts without getting involved?

You find courage in the power to remain calm in the mixture of negative thoughts, in the audacity to say what you think, in the action of breathing slowly when fear envelops you, in choosing to spread kindness around you, or identify it in decisions. every day.

Courage is found inside you does not come from outside. It must be brought to the surface, felt. It is the pair of fear, apprehension, insecurity, and appears when you shout it insistently.

When you have the courage,

in fact you knew fear