We continue the series of readings that last one minute. Last week I wrote about FORGIVENESS and COURAGE. This week I chose to write about development.

Did you know that development is about every moment of your life?

Personal development is in a harmonious relationship with the action and the end result. The time you spend in this relationship leads to your development. You can turn to inspirational books, motivational courses or people with the role of guru and otherwise, with small steps, you open the door to development. But it is not enough, do not forget about the action-development relationship.

Take a deep breath and jump in with confidence. Gather to yourself the joy of simple things and wrap everything in compassion for yourself and everything around you.

Learn to feel the emotion and enter the area of ​​personal development! When you leave the comfort zone you come into contact with development.

You will find more texts like this in the first mindfulness pocket book in Romania launched last year in Bucharest, with the same title - The Minute of Mindfulness.