About FORGIVENESS - The minute of mindfulness

Autumn is the season of abundance and acceptance. I am happy to open for you a new series from the #minutuldemindfulness program. A series of short articles that you can read in a minute. You will also find some of the texts in the first mindfulness pocket book in Romania launched last year in Bucharest, with the same title - The Minute of Mindfulness.

I chose to start with FORGIVENESS - a main step in acceptance, development, an important step to move towards a life full of prosperity.

Did you know that reconciliation is the way to make peace with yourself and the outside world?

Indeed, living consciously with a heart free of resentment and wickedness would be an extraordinary achievement. By practicing forgiveness meditation, you can open the door to this possibility.

The first step is your direct forgiveness, making peace with all that you are. It is a direction that will help you understand that you are enough, as you are.

The second step is to get the forgiveness of the people you hurt.

The third is the forgiveness of those who have hurt you.

Learn to forgive!

If you do not have the ability to forget what happened, you may have the power to forgive those who have hurt you.

Live in the present. Create your success. Be grateful.

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