There are opportunities in our daily schedule to integrate multiple and varied mindfulness techniques.


If you are new to my site and have not made contact with the term mindfulness, you will be wondering what it means and what I want to refer to. Well, if I am to give a definition of what mindfulness means, I can say that it is the "Art of Living" that refers to acceptance without judgment. Mindfulness means maintaining our attention moment by moment, paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, sensations and our environment. In mindfulness there is no belief that it is "right" or "wrong" what we feel and think in the present moment.

For some people, yes, mindfulness is a way of life, but it is something inherent in all of us that can be cultivated, strengthened, and learned through exercise and practice. Mindfulness can be our safety net when we need it.

If the above explanations about the definition of mindfulness helped you, I suggest you go further and see how you can integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily program.

1. Allow 5-10 minutes for meditation or quiet in the morning.


You can start by allocating at least 5-10 minutes for meditation or silence. Whether you choose to sit quietly in a comfortable position, or look out the window and listen to the sounds of nature, it is good for you. It is important to spend your time in the first part of the day.

I started by setting the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier so that I could get time with myself in the first part of the day. I sit comfortably and focus on breathing (I use Technique 4.2.4 which you can find recorded here) or I listen to a guided meditation (I use Calm app).


2. Visualize how you want the new day to be.


After 5-10 minutes of meditation, I take time to visualize my day.

I have a mantra of the morning that I repeat in my mind 10 times: I place before me on this day, the riches of the Universe to guide me and give me everything I need.


3. Be mindful on the way to work and home.

When I leave the house I say good morning to the new day and thank you for everything I have and everything that will be offered to me. On the way to work, take a few minutes to pay attention to everything that happens to you, how you feel your breath, your body, notice the thoughts that come and go. Be an observer!
On your way to the office, the moment you enter the building, be present, notice where you are and where you are going so that you can exit the autopilot function.

4. 3-5 minutes every hour of work use the technique of conscious breathing "4.2.4".

Be kind to yourself and give yourself the breaks you need during the day, time for conscious breathing. Try to be present, you and you, quietly for a few minutes. Say STOP consciously periodically and turn your attention to breathing using the mindfulness technique 4.2.4.

5. Be truly at home and enjoy your time.

Be grateful for what you accomplished in the office today and pay attention to the present. You have more control over your life than you think. When you get home, you're home. Hug family members and look into their eyes. If you live alone, take a few minutes to enjoy returning home.
Enjoy your time without checking your phone or email. You are important. Be kind to yourself and have the courage to give yourself quality time.

You can bring mindfulness into your life by giving yourself time to check yourself, to understand what is happening to you, what is happening to the sensations that appear in the body. It is said that we feel happy when we reach a balance between motivation and pleasure being present at every step. The mindfulness techniques integrated into the daily schedule bring us to this balance.

I invite you to write to me at if you want to find out more details about mindfulness and how to integrate the right techniques for your lifestyle.