I wrote in early December in the pages of the book I am working on what 2020 has meant to me. I decided not to divide it into good or bad, but to look at it exactly as it was, with multiple, complex lessons. I want to believe that there are lessons for our good, for each of us.

Yes, it's the year I lost the two people who gave birth to me, and yes, I'm still not ready to talk in detail about the whole experience ... it hurts damn hard. I have chosen to put on paper all the feelings of such an experience and when the time comes, I will make them public.

I want to look at 2020 with gratitude

It's the year I learned to ride a bike (don't laugh, I even caught this age without knowing how magical cycling is), the year I had the courage to give up relationships that weren't beneficial to me, the year I open doors for new projects, the year I was allowed to fulfill my wishes, the year with sensational moments with my husband and the 2 fairies ... the year I was close to me.


In the last edition of SIMPLU this year, I had in the studio with me two extraordinary women, with life experiences that can be passed on - Cristina Oțel, trainer, ife design coach and Alexandra Bădiță, self-esteem coach, author, storytelling expert . We talked about setting intentions in 2021, about desires and how to fulfill them.

In a short research in the online environment, the top of Romanians' wishes for 2021 looks like this: health, time with loved ones, trips, participation in concerts, keeping a job, money, new relationships. What does the wish list look like to you?

Courage does not mean the absence of fear
I asked my guests how to look towards 2021 and their answers were comprehensive, full of emotion and shrouded in optimism.
Cristina urges us to look to 2021 with confidence and optimism, it is the best place to start to increase our chances for a good part of the important things for us to happen.
Alexandra thought about flexibility, to be able to change direction when needed, to put aside what is not necessary for us and to find resources to go in different directions.
I invite you to watch the whole show, I promise you there will be no regrets. I strongly believe that SIMPLE shows are free courses with life lessons offered by my guests. The link to watch the show is
Thank you to everyone who has been with us and watched us live or in replay.
Thanks also to my partners: Komoder the best known manufacturer of massage chairs in Romania, massage devices and massage systems, products certified in accordance with the European market, Dasha for my clothing and Interpersonal - IT-premium services.
We will continue in 2021 to go further and not stop. We continue to pedal, we pedal for life, for our desires. I wish you a bright 2021, with plenty of magical moments with your loved ones!
Fill in pages of gratitude and tick fulfilled wishes!
Let's see each other healthy and happy again in 2021! Let's take care of ourselves from the inside out, open our eyes, our hearts and let ourselves be inspired by everything around us.
He lives in the present. Create your success. Be grateful.
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