We all go through a different period from everything we knew until now, an uncertain period, special as I say most often (special that it is an opportunity to change something for your benefit), but that does not mean that we get stuck and we don't make decisions anymore.


If I have learned anything important in life, it is to move on, not to stand still, to move continuously, and to generate energy to receive the energy I need. Everything in life is movement, especially during this period. I hear answers like this around me: "I'm still waiting to see what happens", "I can't decide anything now", "I'll stand still and see what others do and then". Surprise! As long as you stay still, the world revolves, those you expect move, make decisions and YOU STAY IN PLACE.


Nobody took away our right to dream.

Set the intention to make the best decision possible and it is the best you can do for yourself now. Focus on making the decision in a place full of love and let the light (or the universe) do the rest.

"Acceptance and kindness make us stronger, not weaker. They give us the strength to forgive more easily when imperfections arise. ” The mindfulness minute


He lives in the present. Create your success. Be grateful.

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