In the November 10 edition of SIMPLU, we discussed your own strength and excellence, how to trust yourself and how to overcome your fears to get exactly what you want.

I was glad to invite Ruxandra Babici, an extraordinary woman, digital marketing consultant, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in communication and loyalty of macro-audiences. Ruxandra loves to be a guide and alchemist of the digital age, she mixes marketing, sales, human resources with a little magic.


"You have the potential to shape the world. You just have to connect with your unlimited power. ” Ruxandra Babici


Ruxandra is an ambitious person, an inspiring professional, giving those she works with the autonomy to decide how they want to learn and create. She told us how she started her love to guide the people around her, how she believes in visions, being herself a visionary.

Before we get everything we want, do we really know what we want?

Ruxandra explained to us that we can do in life what we are passionate about, that we can grow and we can live from a business that is based on personal passion. He offered us exercises to practice individually to discover our own strength and excellence.

Can we have everything?

"We have to admit that when we are told that we cannot have everything in life, it is not true. People who say we can't have them all in life speak for themselves and it's okay. The first step is to say that this is a lie… If we look closely at ourselves and go beyond the thoughts on the surface and what we have taken from society that are current values ​​and enter our subconscious and analyze ourselves very carefully what we really want we may be surprised that we want some very simple things… We need to figure out exactly what we want. ”

I gladly invite you to watch the show, Ruxandra was the only guest who managed to ask me questions and even get answers about my personal life. The link to watch the show is:



We have selected some of the messages you have sent since this edition. Grateful for everything.

Good evening! A very interesting show! Congratulations health and as many interesting shows as possible! Success!

Thank you, we learn and we learn again. I understood many things about life.

Ruxandra is wonderful! Her program helped me get over the deadlock I had about the limiting belief that I was not good enough.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us and watched us live or in replay.

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