I can say that I let my creativity run wild, I found inspiration, I opened the white pages of the agenda and filled them with everything that went on. I went further and acted filtered by the mind but chosen by the heart. This is how beautiful projects were born, from the mother's blog, JuxiMagic - interactive activities for children, stories that saw the light of day to courses and workshops on mindfulness and personal development.

Also out of pure creativity in relation to what I really am is the show SIMPLU, which turned one year old at the beginning of March since it appeared on TV screens, the show that inspires and makes hard things easier.

Maybe some of this information you already knew, but I felt the need to point it out so that you can see what an "inexhaustible source" is creativity that is not related to gender and age.


What does creativity mean?


Creativity can be defined in several ways. If you search in the online environment you will find several definitions of creativity, all valid for at least one person, the author of the definition. I also asked in the instagram community what creativity means and I received several answers: creativity is NOT a gift from God, I am creative when I am in balance with myself, creativity is part of me, we become creative when we are good with ourselves , creativity is involved in producing new, original and valuable ideas.

Anca Ghinea, in her recently released book "Creators in Action" writes:

"Discovering what you love to do is a great way to discover and hone your creativity!"

During the anniversary edition of SIMPLU, we chose creativity as the theme of the show and we discussed the importance of creativity in our lives, about how, when and how much we can be creative. My guests were two wonderful ladies Anca Ghinea, creativity expert, book author, with over 20 years of experience in communication, public relations, top management positions in communication and creativity and Lăcrămioara Ocunschi, communication specialist, a dear friend of the show Simplu with which we also addressed topics such as empathy, nonviolent communication in relation to those around us.

Bringing a touch of creativity and life is more beautiful, more meaningful.

Defining creativity is complicated, there is no standard definition of creativity, a definition in agreement with all researchers. Instead, Anca offered us more information during the show starting from the definition of the creative act as novelty, originality, adaptation to the concrete world.


What can we call creativity in our country?

When we work hard, then we fail to bring creativity to the surface. When we enter the rigid, limiting, framing area, then the inspiration escapes and is harder to catch, we move away from the connection area.

We can call creativity to us and Anca told us that we can learn to call the muses of inspiration. These muses are sources from which we can extract our well-being, beneficial energy so that we call creativity into our lives.

Anca listed some museums of inspiration: a good snack, a passion for travel, a book, a favorite perfume.
A technique to call the creativity mentioned by Anca - Open a book at random! Choose a word, a phrase, start dreaming and create connections between memories, experiences, feelings, people.

In creativity we have a sincere friend that we can embrace when we need it.

Connecting with nature is another technique to call creativity to us. When you get out of your comfort zone, you need to stay connected to Mother Earth, grounded, or we can use the Romanian expression "with your feet on the ground" so that you don't get carried away, to stay in the present moment.
Mindfulness helps us see our patterns of behavior and thinking much more clearly, and once seen and brought into the present we are ready to change them where appropriate or accept them.
Here I have detailed a mindfulness practice of connecting with the environment and implicitly with you, the one who will practice.


What are the benefits of creativity in your life?
Some of the benefits of creativity that can appear in your life: a high level of beneficial energy, a clearer picture of things, the joy of the creative process, the joy of the completed project. The creator has an important benefit because he enters an inner journey, an analysis of inner adjustment and creativity is "your pillar of support in demanding moments" says Anca Ghinea.
"I can put my personal imprint, there remains something of my personal identity that can represent me at some point." Ocunschi Lily of the Valley

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I learned to call my creativity, turn it into results and enjoy what is achieved.

No one day is the same, everything is changing. Most of the time we face new situations that take us out of our comfort zone. The impact is immediately seen in the thoughts and in the whole body and the creativity stops appearing.
If you want to know how you feel, check your breath.
Breathing is the energy of life. When you restrict or change your breathing, you decrease the energy of life. The sensation of agitation and indecision is accompanied by shallow breathing. What can you do in such situations?
1. Give yourself time to befriend your breath.
How is your breathing? Shaky or regular? Quiet or fast? Deep or shallow? Do you tend to stop it or hurry it?
By observing the breath we get a correct picture of the moment we are in and thus we can bring balance in the way we feel.
2. It is time to notice any difference.
Now you are in the base area, at the starting point, you are present and alert. If you continue to observe your breathing you will achieve the necessary balance to move on with joy. You are alive.
3. Be one with the breath!
Be present with every breath, for the whole duration! You will also notice a short pause between inspiration and expiration. Keep up the good work.

If you want to find out more information about creativity, I suggest you read Anca Ghinea's book, Creators in Action, in which you will also find a short guide on how to live and feel creative.

If you need inspiration, take a look at Lăcrămioara Ocunschi's website where you will find events with the theme of nonviolent communication or GROK evenings (a concept of educational evening, where with the help of some games and other participants, you will be left with a state of relaxation, as well as a few good words to add to the vocabulary of quality relationships).


I invite you to write in my comments what creativity means to you and what benefits it brings to your life.
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