In the first edition of SIMPLU this year we discussed about numerology, about the figure that governs this year, about the numerological predictions for each figure of destiny, about areas in which to activate, what to pay attention to and what areas to focus on. .

The theme of the edition came to your recommendation and thank you for the messages you sent me during the holidays. At the beginning of the year we gather information from several sources and fields so that it will help us in 2021.

I was glad to invite Corina Stratulat, an experienced numerologist, an extraordinary woman, the man who understood that success at any level is supported by a continuous process of self-knowledge, personal and spiritual development.

Let's take from the numerological interpretation what the needles depend on us in our lives. As we talk about destiny and it depends on us, our life, success or failure, it is clear that we must get involved.

In 2021 we have beautiful information from my point of view… 2020 was about our emotional state, with the number 4 as a sum, which kept us in place, we perceived the fears at an extraordinarily high level and it was natural to be so.


For 2021 it is time to make an effort and learn new things. Number 3 in numerology urges us to self-knowledge and to accumulate information, experience.
According to the numerological forecasts for 2021 we need new skills. Let's discover our native skills! Let's diversify in 2021!
The first questions for 2021 that we should all answer are - What am I good at? What can I do new? What can I learn?
Numerologist Corina provided concrete information for each figure of destiny. The figure of my destiny is 3. Corina mentioned that for those with the figure of destiny 3 it is a very good year but it depends on them how much they anticipate, they are proactive and they do not wait. For 3 a lot of creativity, connections, partnerships, collaborations so that we are recognized.
Did I make you curious? I invite you to watch the show to find out the important information for your destiny figure.