I promised the Instagram community this article about the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation and I stick to the promise. Get ready to read.

Mindfulness helps you to open the available paths in your life and to see all the options differently, motionlessly, a quote that opens the first book in the format of mindfulness pocket in Romania that we launched in 2018, The Minute of Mindfulness and which I wrote it taking into account all the feelings I have experienced since I started practicing mindfulness.

The child's mind is free, it is not constrained by all the rules of society, without limiting beliefs. If I want to talk about the benefits of well-being, the state of zen, the easiest way is to send you to observe a child. Watch a child play and you will feel that time has expanded. It is fully present and has a single focus. Often, as adults we face one thing while thinking about another, but having a single focus strengthens our presence and commitment at all times, allowing us to be fully present in our activities, in our lives and move away from autopilot. At this rate we enter a state of well-being, of optimal balance for ourselves without knowing that we even use mindfulness techniques.

In the courses and workshops I hold, I always add the phrase: "It does not require prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation, nor does it exclude you who have such knowledge."


The practice of mindfulness can be helpful for people who:

I'm going through a period of change. Many times, my course participants come when something has changed in their lives, their daily activities have been impacted. Mindfulness helps you understand that everything is changing and acceptance is part of life.
They want more from life, even if they don't know what. Mindfulness can help you analyze what is beneficial in your life, focusing on gratitude.
They are carers or have professions that require care for other people: When you take care of someone else, it is difficult to pay the necessary attention. It's not about selfishness, but you have to pay attention to us first so that you can take care of others (like in the flight announcement - you put on your oxygen mask first and then you help others).
They have a history of repeated episodes of depression. The practice of mindfulness cannot prevent a new episode of depression but it can help you identify the signs of such an episode faster in order to act faster.
He suffers from anxiety. We become anxious when we live in the past or worry about the future. Mindfulness can help you stay grounded in the present moment.
They feel stressed or overwhelmed. Mindfulness can help by disabling the stress response.
It is possible to practice mindfulness at any age, no matter what stage you are at.

Practicing mindfulness means rebalancing our lives, and we can achieve something different every time. When you practice mindfulness you realize that the difference lies in the little things, every thought and action has a consequence.

We can influence what will happen in the future through conscious choices, through the way we react in the present moment. Yes, we are different and it is wonderful, we are unique and we have the power to choose. Mindfulness is for you and you don't need anything special. Instead, it is important to decide that you want to start now and even start. And related to the state of zen that is easily talked about in the online environment, it will follow you, it will be with you inside you.

Practicing meditation leads you to learn the patterns and habits of your mind.