Meditation is often seen as a solitary activity. By practicing mindfulness meditation techniques you can improve your relationships with family, friends and colleagues. When you leave the comfort zone, you need to stay connected with Mother Earth, grounded, or we can use the Romanian expression "with your feet on the ground" so that you don't get carried away, to stay in the present moment.

Mindfulness helps us see our patterns of behavior and thinking much more clearly, and once seen and brought into the present we are ready to change them where appropriate.

Below I will detail a mindfulness practice of connecting with the environment and implicitly with you, the one you will practice.

If we cannot show compassion to ourselves, then how can we show compassion to those around us?

I like mornings that start early and I am grateful to be at home where I can enjoy the morning dew that warms my feet. Before I moved to the yard, didn't I enjoy this experience as often as I would have liked? When was the last time you walked barefoot on the grass? When did you enjoy the morning dew and the energy of Mother Earth?

As adults we rarely come into direct contact with the ground whether it is a maintained lawn, an arid land or a country path.

I challenge you to try the technique of connecting to the ground beneath your feet. I can only tell you that you will have your own benefits and that you will receive exactly what you need.

Are you ready? Try the 7 steps below!

1. Choose a safe location so that you are not disturbed. It can be a garden, a park, a country field or your own yard.

2. 'feet up! If you wear socks, take them off ????

3. Standing in the “Mountain” position (standing with your feet apart at shoulder level, arms close to your body, chin up, gaze forward with your feet connected to the ground) Turn your attention to the ground beneath your feet. Become aware of the contact between your feet and the ground… feeling of heaviness, contact with cold, soft grass…

4. Stay upright and aware that you are in that position.

5. Start by lifting your heels off the ground one at a time. 5-10 exercises

6. Continue by lifting your fingers off the floor in turn. 5-10 exercises

7. Feel the feet: soles, toes, heels. Be present that your feet touch the earth… this land of all, the sacred earth that has been under our feet for thousands and thousands of years. Mother Earth that binds us all together and brings us together, families, friends and strangers from one continent to another. Feel the energy and protection of Mother Earth!

Remain in this state of presence, joy and gratitude as long as you feel the need. You are LIFE!


Live in the present. Create your success. Be grateful.

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