Body Scan is a mindfulness practice whose purpose is to connect with your own body, with the sensations in each part of your body. In the following lines I will detail how you can practice Body Scan so that you learn to be aware of the tensions or pains that appear in the body and most of the time you ignore them.

Why practice Body Scan?

Are there times when you feel stressed? If you raised your hand, I say welcome to you in our group, everyone's. When we are stressed our body reacts. Most of the time we do not associate physical discomfort with the moment of stress. We let time pass without reacting. Chronic stress has an impact on both physical and emotional health. When we bring harmony, body and soul into harmony, we bring BALANCE and PEACE into our lives. Most of the time, the three are separated in different directions and we need to gather them one by one in the same place and work them together. For this process there are exercises, specific meditations that help to bring together the three entities, the physical, mental and emotional body, to obtain an alchemy. Body Scan mindfulness meditation comes to your aid to get the balance you need to enjoy life. By practicing this meditation you will begin to cultivate compassion for yourself, you will know yourself better and you will know how to react in stressful moments. There are situations when we do not benefit from ourselves, from our inner strength, from that connection with everything around us, all the resources that we have at hand and that do not cost money. Alternative approaches are needed. Practicing Body Scan meditation does not cost money, you only need to dedicate a few minutes to yourself. 

Detailed Body Scan Meditation


Please do nothing to cause pain. If your body is not ready for practice, choose to stop and repeat at another time of day.

1. Find a comfortable position

Start in a comfortable position, preferably sitting, back straight, feet on the ground, in a place where no one and nothing will bother you. Palms up to the sky resting on your knees.

2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing

Breathe slowly Inhale… Exhale Focus on breathing. Inhale… Exhale… Do not change your breath… just breathe and remain the observer of your breath. Allow the body to breathe and only participate in this miracle of breathing… is life.

3. Focus your attention on your upper body Mentally scan the sensations in the head area. What do you feel? Is there anything that bothers you? Continue scanning to the face, neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms. Identify what sensations occur in each area. How are you feeling? Tension, pressure, tingling may occur ... it's okay, don't change anything, just observe and breathe.

4. Breathe in every tension you identify

Stay focused for about 15 seconds on each side of your body. Breathe Slowly… Inhale… Exhale each tension on the caffeine identify it and move on.

5. Focus on your upper body Mentally scan the sensations in the abdomen.

What do you feel? Is there anything that bothers you? Continue scanning for buttocks, legs, feet. Identify what sensations occur in each area. How are you feeling?

6. Don't struggle with the thoughts that arise Thoughts will appear. The monkey's mind is there, present on duty. Let them appear, good, bad… they are passing like clouds in the sky. Stay on the lookout for a few minutes. Breath in breath out. Gently return to the present moment, to the breath and the area of ​​the body where you stayed with the scan.

7. Come back to the present A

fter 5-10 minutes (time you can set with the phone alarm) you slowly return to the environment, you look left, right, you breathe slowly and you are present. Identifies the prevailing emotion. How are you feeling? Identify. Don't judge the emotion, just write it down and come back to the present moment. Notice how your body feels after scanning each part. Something has changed? I look forward to comments after practicing mindfulness meditation Body Scan. I set out to record this guided meditation so that I can come to your aid and practice it whenever you need it. I'll be back soon with the Body Scan guided meditation link. Be generous with yourself: give yourself the attention you need. Pay attention to your body and its relationship with the world. It's not about selfishness or pampering. The more balanced and happy you are, the more you have to offer to those around you.