What is courage?

There is no universal definition of courage. Depending on our life experiences we have different benchmarks about courage. Inside you will always find those precious resources that will support you in difficult times. Courage means getting out of the comfort zone, courage is strength of mind, courage is an act of decision, you have courage when you get out of bed every day. Courage is often accompanied by the following traits: perseverance, viability and integrity.

How important is courage for a better life?

Courage means your strength to stay calm when your mind is occupied with negative thoughts. Courage is the audacity to say what you think, it is the choice to spread goodness around you. A brave person can easily talk to a stranger on the street, a brave man is much more sociable and friendly.

How much can courage help you to succeed in life?

Courage is found inside you, it does not come from outside. It must be brought to the surface, felt. It is the pair of fear, apprehension, insecurity, and appears when you shout it insistently. Courage is identified in everyday decisions. With the help of courage you enjoy the life you dream of. You will enjoy the experiences of life, the level of esteem will increase and you will easily achieve what you set out to do.

How can you become a brave person?
When you have courage, you have actually known fear and taken action, because fear kills the mind. Courage education is one of the components of personal development. It is a continuous process that requires perseverance and consistent action.
One of the ways to become brave and bold is to have the right mental attitude. Eliminate from your vocabulary words that are not beneficial to you such as: I am a coward, a coward, I am not good at anything, others are braver, I am afraid. Replace them with: I CAN, I AM ABLE, I ACCEPT, I am a complete person. Another way to build courage is not to be afraid of failure or mistakes. Every defeat can be treated as an experience and you must use all the benefits obtained from this experience. Look for experiences that will help you achieve success when you are ready. Always be honest, first and foremost honest with yourself. Learn to say AGAIN!

A SIMPLE edition with and about courage

I'm glad you came to my site and read this article about courage. I am Dana Predu, an entrepreneur with experience in #training, activities for children, #mindfulnesscoach, author of children's books and #personal development. Together with my guests, Andreea Lichi, (author, future psychologist, a winner who claims that no one can change the past, only the future matters), Ramona Plotoaga (mother, entrepreneur at the beginning of the road who is guided by a full motto of courage and hope - When the caterpillar thought the end of the world was coming turned into the future), and psychologist Nina Sofian we discussed in the show Simplu on Canal33 about how important it is to have #courage in the life you want you live.
For more information about courage, ideas to put into practice or a dose of inspiration, you can watch the show here:



Thank you to my guests for saying YES to my invitation and having the courage to share their personal experiences with us, thank you to everyone who followed us and asked us live questions and thank you for being on this page.
Mindfulness techniques that help you to have more courage
Practicing mindfulness techniques has been associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, balance, conscientiousness, vitality, self-esteem, empathy, a sense of autonomy, competence and optimism.
Mindfulness helps you see more clearly your patterns of behavior and thinking, and once seen and brought into the present, you will be better prepared to change them, where appropriate. I challenge you to try the technique of connecting to the ground beneath your feet. I can only tell you that you will have your own benefits and that you will receive exactly what you need. You can find the detailed technique here: https: //danapredu.com/tehnica-conecta ...
In difficult times, learn to give yourself time, to be kind to yourself and to have peace of mind. How to do that? Through meditation. Whether you choose to meditate once a week, 3 times a week, daily or whenever you feel the need.
I also wrote about courage here.
5 of my favorite quotes about courage
I like to collect statements, quotes, powerful mantras that I can reread when I need to. I save some of them in my phone notes and read them before important business meetings or repeat them periodically on the days when I want to increase my dose of courage.
Below I leave you with 5 favorite quotes about courage.

1. “Start doing everything you can or dream of doing. Courage contains genius, power and magic. ” - Johann W. von Goethe
2. “Courage means having the strength to stand up and speak. Courage also means sitting down and listening. ” - Winston Churchill
3. "Sincerity is the boldest form of courage." - William Somerset Maugham

4. “Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a precipice in two small jumps. " - David Lloyd George

5. "It is better to be brave even if you make more mistakes than to be closed-minded and too cautious." - Vincent van Gogh


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