If you've been following me for a while, you probably know about me that I'm a follower of a healthy lifestyle, balanced, as simple as possible and that I've never tried the fast diets, the miracle diets, the ones a click away. I always prefer and choose the direction towards an active, healthy and complete lifestyle. We have several solutions at hand around us, but most of the time we are left with frustration, shame, sadness, states that are not beneficial.

And yet why do diets not work?

There are currently dozens and dozens of famous diets and search engines have indexed over 9000 monthly searches on diets from which we can deduce that people are interested in finding out about miracle diets. Are you one of them?

In the SIMPLU edition of February 2, we would discuss the healthy lifestyle and the reasons why diets do not work with Raul Stoian, Nutritionist Technician, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer.

The main reason why diets do not work is exactly the REASON why the person chooses a diet.

A simple internet search finds thousands and thousands of comments that sound about the same - I followed a diet, lost weight at first and then the lost pounds were put back. Why? We return to the main reason why they chose that diet. Because it worked for her best friend, it is the most famous diet, most has been written about her, is it a famous diet because it was kept by a famous person?

Raul Stoian pointed out how important it is to consult a specialist before making any decision. Rule number 1 or the rule without which we should not go further - is that you should never follow a diet just because a friend or relative told you that it works, has amazing, fast results, is simple and convenient. We consult with specialists!


A weight loss should be a consequence of a healthy and complete active lifestyle.

Raul answered all the questions I and the viewers who were with us live. We talked about the main reasons why diets do not work, about overeating, about the body's resistance to diets and how to turn the idea of ​​diet into a lifestyle. Raul pointed out concretely what actions we can do starting tomorrow so as to obtain the desired results.

For much more information, I invite you to watch the show.




Thank you to those who have been with us and watched us live, I congratulate you and thank you for deciding to click on the link above.

I thank Raul for the complete information and his patience with us. You can find Raul Stoian here.

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We have many choices at hand, but I want the first one you will take to be the choice to lead a healthy and balanced life, the choice of an active, healthy and complete lifestyle.